The Diabetes Training and Technical Assistance Center (DTTAC) at Emory University provides innovative training, technical assistance, and services to foster strong leadership, increase organizational capacity, and strengthen partnerships within the diabetes prevention and control community. The essence of our work is capacity building.

DTTAC is strategically located within the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, amidst many of the country’s leading public health experts and organizations. Read on to learn more about our work.

The National DPP Lifestyle Change Program Curriculum
DTTAC collaborated with CDC and partners from Indiana University (Plan Forward) and the University of Pittsburgh (Group Life Balance) to develop the National DPP lifestyle change program curriculum. The curriculum was adapted from the original Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) research study materials for use in a group-based setting to be delivered on a national scale. The CDC, DTTAC, and partners also collaborated to develop additional training and support materials for Lifestyle Coaches and DTTAC Master Trainers.

Note: There is more than one DPRP-approved curriculum for the National Diabetes Prevention Program, but DTTAC specializes in training Lifestyle Coaches that are using the National DPP lifestyle change program curriculum.

Lifestyle Coach Training
DTTAC plays a key role in training the workforce to deliver the CDC-led National Diabetes Prevention Program by providing comprehensive Lifestyle Coach Training services for organizations that have received pending or full recognition from the CDC to offer the lifestyle change program and are using the National DPP lifestyle change program curriculum.  DTTAC Master Trainers are skilled facilitators who are extensively trained in the National DPP curriculum and are experts in training Lifestyle Coaches to deliver the lifestyle change program.  Learn more about DTTAC Lifestyle Coach Training.

Common Ground
DTTAC hosts Common Ground, which was created with support from the CDC's Division of Diabetes Translation to keep Lifestyle Coaches up-to-date on the tools, skills, and information they need to bring the proven-effective National Diabetes Prevention Program to communities throughout the country.

About the Emory Centers
DTTAC is part of the Emory Centers for Training and Technical Assistance, which helps clients and their partners develop the skills, programs, and policy action needed to build healthier communities. The Emory Centers' services span across all public health issues, risk factors, and professional competencies. Visit www.TAcenters.emory.edu to find out more.