Common Ground Community Rules


Welcome to Common Ground!  We’re glad you’re here, and we hope your experience as a community member is positive and helpful.  Whether you are new to the community or have been with us a while, we encourage you to take a moment to review our community rules.


THIS IS YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD. The purpose of this community is to help you be the best Lifestyle Coach you can be.  We openly welcome your feedback and will do our best to accommodate any suggestions you have. Feel free to post your ideas and suggestions on the community board.


BE NEIGHBORLY.  Treat other members with courtesy and respect. No profanity, explicit content, vulgar or otherwise hurtful or discriminatory language when posting comments or sending messages to members.


NO SOLICITORS.  Do not post content or send messages to members with the intent to sell products or services. No SPAM please!


NO JAY-WALKING. We encourage you to adapt the lifestyle change program to fit the needs of your participants, but please do not recommend things that change the KEY ELEMENTS of the program (group sessions, regular weigh-ins, goal setting for weight/food/physical activity, and self-monitoring).  Stay true to the key elements, because this is what helps participants make lasting lifestyle changes!


RESPECT PRIVATE PROPERTY. Please do not share any personal identifiers such as the names of your participants when posting in the community.  If you must use names in your posts, please make something up.


NO TRESPASSING. This is a community for Lifestyle Coaches from organizations that have pending or full recognition from the CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program.  We want this to be a member-only safe space, so please do not share your log-in information with anyone.


NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH. If you notice someone posting inappropriate content or sending spammy messages, please notify the community manager immediately by using the contact form. The community manager reserves the right to remove inappropriate content without the user’s consent. The community manager also reserves the right to remove users from the community who severely or repeatedly break the rules. So please, play by the rules and do your part to make this community a fun, safe, helpful place!


SHARE YOUR WISDOM.  You are the expert on what is working for your organization and your participants, so we encourage you to share your experience with other community members. This community is all about the wisdom of the group!



You can always find these community rules by clicking RULES at the bottom of any page.


DTTAC Emory University

March 27, 2014



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