Our very own DTTAC Lifestyle Coach Training Director, Sarah Piper, was interviewed in early October by Atlanta’s NPR Station 90.1 WABE! In a program called “Closer Look with Rose Scott and Denis O’Hayer”, Sarah addresses the staggering statistics of diabetes in the USA, as well as ways to reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes, such as increased physical activity and moderate weight loss. “Sounds easier than it is”, she explains, and goes on to mention the importance of lifestyle change programs – like the National Diabetes Prevention Program – in teaching those with prediabetes how to make these changes safely, gradually and keep them throughout their life. Education, information, and prevention are key!

Click here to listen to a 12-minute clip of the interview!


We’re excited to get the topic of diabetes prevention on the forefront of public health, as November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Last year, we cooked to fight diabetes. What are your plans (in your Lifestyle Change programs, organizations, or other) to engage the public in diabetes prevention this November?


Cheri Farris

Great interview Sarah!

July 27, 2017, 3:11 PM
DTTAC Emory University

October 16, 2015



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