As the premier training of Lifestyle Coaches and Master Trainers for the National DPP, DTTAC is proud to offer Lifestyle Coach training virtually!


DTTACTM Virtual Lifestyle Coach Training is based on DTTAC's 8 key principles that are critical to the success of Lifestyle Coach and participants in the program.


The virtual training provides the same high quality experience and in-depth learning as DTTAC's in-person Lifestyle Coach Training, but is done more conveniently over smaller pockets of time, allowing for more reflection and application, while saving you more money by removing travel costs.


DTTACTM Virtual Lifestyle Coach Training makes training more accessible, convenient, and cost-effective, while maintaining the high level of quality you've come to expect from DTTAC at Emory University.


The cost is $649 per person, which includes all materials, expert instruction from a DTTAC Master Trainer with DPP experience, and access to a link for a Lifestyle Coach Skills Refresher webinar. Continuing education credits will be available for RD, CDE, CHES, RN, and RPh/PharmD for an additional $25. Virtual training is offered quarterly.


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DTTAC Emory University

January 25, 2018



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Diabetes Prevention on NPR

DTTAC Lifestyle Training Director Sarah Piper was interviewed on NPR about diabetes prevention efforts. Check it out!