National DPP Lifestyle Change Program Curriculum

The National DPP lifestyle change program is a one year lifestyle change program which consists of weekly sessions in Months 1-6 followed by monthly sessions in Months 7-12 for a total of a one year program.  The National DPP curriculum was developed by DTTAC in collaboration with CDC and partners from Indiana University (Plan Forward) and University of Pittsburgh (Group Life Balance). The curriculum can be downloaded from CDC's website.



Months 1-6
Months 1-6 (formerly known as the "core curriculum") consist of 16 weekly sessions designed to help participants develop lifelong skills for healthier living using a step-by-step approach. Participants learn basic skills related to healthier eating and physical activity, how to deal with elements in the external environment that may be standing in the way of lifestyle change, and how to sustain long-term change.


Months 7-12
Months 7-12 (formerly known as the "post-core curriculum") are delivered after the 16-week core phase, and consist of at least six monthly sessions that provide additional support and learning opportunities for participants to help them maintain changes for a lifetime. These sessions provide additional information on many healthy lifestyle-related topics, and revisit key themes from the first six months, such as self-monitoring, goal setting, staying motivated, and overcoming barriers.



DTTAC specializes in training Lifestyle Coaches on the National DPP lifestyle change program curriculum, which is available on CDC's website.



Note: There is more than one DPRP-approved curriculum for the National DPP, but they all contain the same essential, evidence-based elements as the National DPP lifestyle change program curriculum described above.


Susan Van Aacken

Hi Common Ground Friends. Since the 2015 Standards were released, the terms Core and Post Core were essentially eliminated with regards to the CDC curriculum to be consistent with the standards. There are new covers on the CDC website for the curriculum that can be used by anyone. DTTAC please make these available through Common Ground or link to them. The program is a year long. Attendance during months 7th through 12 is as important as attendance during the first six months. Make sure your participants are enrolled in a rich program that gives them a 365 day experience. See the new DPRP standards for details.

April 16, 2015, 3:49 PM
Carissa Beatty, Community Manager

Thanks for the reminder about the 2015 update to the DPRP Standards, Susan. We've updated this page to remove outdated references to 'core' and 'post-core' and are in the process of reviewing Common Ground more broadly and updating our other resources accordingly. For others who would like to read more about the changes to the curriculum, see the news story on Common Ground or or get information straight from the source - CDC's site - via the links above..

April 30, 2015, 6:15 PM
DTTAC Emory University

June 9, 2015



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Using Lifestyle Coach's Logs

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