Did you know that on average, an American adult spends 5 hours and 41 minutes sitting every day?


That time can really add up during the week. Because the research shows the countless detrimental effects of a sedentary lifestyle on nearly every health condition, doctors and health professionals around the globe are recommending everyone to limit the amount of time per day that is spent sitting.


Get your participants moving!

get-fit-dont-sit-adaFor this reason, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) is hosting a National Get Fit Don’t Sit Day on Wednesday May 6, 2015! It encourages all people to actively make the effort to get up and move at least once every 90 minutes. You can share your Get Fit journey on social media using the hashtag #GetFitDontSit, and get your lifestyle change program participants or others involved as well!


You could invite your participants to make it a fun competition amongst the group, with their coworkers, or with their family or friends! If your lifestyle change program happens to be meeting on the 6th, consider spending part of your group time standing, walking in place or hold a “walking session” rather than sitting!


Get the toolkit!

To encourage your participants to move during the workday, the ADA provides a free, downloadable e-toolkit with posters, ideas for exercise activities in the workplace, examples of exercises that can be performed at a desk, various templates for sharing the day, and more! Click here for more information on National Get Fit Don’t Sit Day.


Mark your calendar for May 6, and promote physical activity opportunities during the workday to help your participants reach their lifestyle change program goals.


Your turn: If your lifestyle change program group is participating in Get Fit Don’t Sit day, share your story here in the comments! (note: only Common Ground members can post comments; please join or log in to post a comment!)


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September 11, 2017



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