One of the ways that the lifestyle change program is different from other types of programs aimed at weight loss is the emphasis on psyco-social aspects of lifestyle change.


Both the Prevent T2 and the original CDC 2012 curriculum include sessions that address issues around motivation. The Slippery Slope of Lifestyle Change/ Staying Motivated to Prevent T2/Get Back on Track are all examples of sessions that prompt group discussion about maintaining or reclaiming motivation.  


Lifestyle Coaches may also employ other creative strategies and activities in sessions to help participants “remember their purpose” as the 2012 curriculum states.    


Suzanne Povinelli, RN, BSN, CDE, Lifestyle Coach at St. John Providence Health in Michigan uses several creative activities in her sessions to reconnect her participants with their motivation for lifestyle change.  


Creating Motivation Boards is an activity that Suzanne leads her groups in that involves participants choosing motivational quotes, sayings and phrases to create their own motivation board as a visual reminder of their purpose for their lifestyle change.  “This activity tapped into their inner-child and they loved to cut/paste and create quotes that apply to their own personal roadblocks.” says Povinelli. 



motivation board 1


motivational board 4


motivational board 2


motivational board 3



Suzanne also shared the idea of Pounds to Go, Pounds Erased jars that participants use as visual reminders of their progress.



Other Lifestyle Coaches use visual reminders of the group’s progress through a weekly reveal of total pounds lost by the group-sometimes represented simply with a number; other times a visual such as a jar of marbles or rocks that gets a little bigger each week.


What ideas and strategies do you have for helping participants maintain or regain their motivation in the program? Comment below! Note: comments are only visible to other Common Ground members.


DTTAC Emory University

September 11, 2017



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Engaging Men in Your Group

Men’s Health Month (June) is an occasion intended to raise awareness among health care providers, public policy makers and individuals about preventable health problems among men. From the Lifestyle Coach perspective it brings to mind issues around facilitating groups that are a mix of men and women as well as groups that might be all men.