Spread the Word about the National Diabetes Prevention Program

One way to support the National Diabetes Prevention Program is to raise awareness about prediabetes and about the lifestyle change program.  Here are two easy ways you can help spread the word!


  • Add the Prediabetes Screening Test Widget to your website.  The widget is available in English and Spanish and can be used to identify people who are eligible for the lifestyle change program.
  • Show the A Change for Life video at a meeting or add it to your website.  This video features participants and Lifestyle Coaches taking part in a lifestyle change program in Louisville, Kentucky.

These marketing tools can be found in the Resources section of the community under LEARN if you are logged in.


Sarah Bignotti

I recently reviewed the new version of the DPP curriculum and noticed that there was not an emphasis on a daily fat gram goal and fat gram counting as in the previous curriculum. I was just wondering why or if I just totally missed that!

May 4, 2016, 8:27 PM
DTTAC Emory University

March 27, 2014



Pod image

Motivating Participants

A Lifestyle Coach shares ideas for motiviating participants using motivation boards and weight loss jars.

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