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UPDATE! Tanner Health System is offering 22 National DPP lifestyle change programs in 2014! In the future, Tanner hopes to add a Spanish-language class to this impressive number of programs.


In addition, Jamie Brandenburg, one of Tanner’s experienced Lifestyle Coaches is now participating in DTTAC’s Master Trainer Select Program. As a Master Trainer Select, she will be able to train new Lifestyle Coaches as they are needed for Tanner to ensure growth and sustainability.


The lifestyle change programs will be offered at  Tanner's hospitals and at various locations in the community in order to reach as many people at high risk for type 2 diabetes as possible. Programs located at Tanner facilities will serve hospital employees, patients and the public. Programs in the community will be offered at local worksites, the University of West Georgia, community centers and churches. The programs will be offered at different times of day and days of the week to increase the chances that people who want to participate are able to join a program that works for their schedule.


In November, 15 new lifestyle coaches were trained to lead the programs. They included dietitians, health and wellness coordinators, health educators, chronic disease management health coaches and nurses. 


Gina Brandenburg, program manager of the Tanner’s Get Healthy, Live Well initiative, will coordinate the diabetes prevention programs under the initiative. She has also completed Lifestyle Coach Training and will fill in as a class facilitator when substitutes are needed.


“Our programs will serve residents of Carroll, Haralson and Heard counties, where approximately 40,000 people, about 35 percent of the population, have prediabetes,” Ms. Brandenburg said. “We are working to reach as many people as possible. Our patients and their families, and our approximately 300 employees that have prediabetes, can attend a program at the hospital. At the same time, the employees at a local assembly plant, or university students who find out they have prediabetes through their campus health center, can attend one of our programs in the community.”


Tanner Health System has a central registration line for people to call and express their interest in joining a program. “As we see the level of interest we may expand and add even more programs next year,” said Ms. Brandenburg.


As Tanner Health System's Lifestyle Coaches begin to deliver the lifestyle change program, we look forward to hearing their insights about serving diverse audiences in multiple locations on Common Ground.


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DTTAC Emory University

October 27, 2014



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Motivating Participants

A Lifestyle Coach shares ideas for motiviating participants using motivation boards and weight loss jars.