See what Lifestyle Coaches are saying about the National Diabetes Prevention Program:

I became a CDE after years of working as an RN in the hospital and in home care and treating the consequences of years of uncontrolled diabetes.  People with diabetes or pre-diabetes need hope, action, and information intervention so they can lead healthy, dignified lives.  That’s what this program brings to the table: hope, action, information and intervention.

-Jan, Lifestyle Coach from New Mexico


This program offers an excellent opportunity to make a major impact on a very serious health issue. All the research and tools are provided, which truly makes my role as a Lifestyle Coach much easier.

-Laurie, Lifestyle Coach from Wisconsin


The National Diabetes Prevention Program empowers the participant to make lifestyle changes that are realistic and beneficial.

-Joline, Lifestyle Coach from Maine


The National DPP is an easy to follow, evidence-based program. I am proud to be a Lifestyle Coach because the National DPP is a product I believe in!  I wish I had become involved in the program years ago.

-Denise, Lifestyle Coach from Florida


My dear mother died of complications from diabetes 5 years ago. Taking the National Diabetes Prevention Program back to my community will be my tribute to her.

-Lifestyle Coach from Nebraska


Great program! As an RD, CDE for over 30 years who is very frustrated with weight loss and lifestyle programs – this one is well thought out and successful!

-Susan , Lifestyle Coach from New Mexico


The curriculum is excellent, avoiding the temptation to put too much information in each session. Rather each session is focused and succinct and practical.

-Susan , Lifestyle Coach from New Mexico


I am excited to find an all-inclusive curriculum that I can deliver to my community to assist in making lifestyle changes and decreasing health disparities.

-Ricki, Lifestyle Coach from Florida


This is a great program for helping people adopt healthy lifestyles in a supportive environment. It is a road map for healthy living for anyone.

-Christine , Lifestyle Coach from New Mexico


The National DPP has taken the best of the best and wrapped it into one evidence-based program that truly takes prevention upstream.

- Lifestyle Coach from Maine


This is a great program to help people become aware of how to make changes, and practical tips to sustain these changes.

-Lifestyle Coach from Michigan


I believe that emphasizing the team effort between Lifestyle Coaches and NDPP participants will be the foundation for the success of the NDPP and the prevention of type 2 diabetes. 

-Willie, Lifestyle Coach from California


This program is valuable in protecting the health and quality-of-life of millions of Americans and the economic viability of our nation.

-Lynn, Lifestyle Coach from Pennsylvania


Great program to help people become aware of how to make changes, and practical tips to sustain these changes.

-Lifestyle Coach trained in Michigan


I am happy to be a Lifestyle Coach because the National DPP offers the opportunity to change lives for the better. Behavior modification allows the participants to be empowered through knowledge to improve their health.

-Cheryl McCormack, Lifestyle Coach trained in Florida


I can confidently say that in all of my days participating in training, this was hands down the best that I have ever attended. I think that a lot of that had to do with the content and the efficiency of the program, as well as the likeability and professionalism of the DTTAC Master Trainers. I really do appreciate the opportunity to be a part of such an incredible program, and I'm grateful for the platform upon which I received the skills and insight necessary to successfully implement it.

-Lifestyle Coach from Maine


The training was tremendously valuable to me. We practiced facilitation and became familiar with the National Diabetes Prevention Program curriculum. I am optimistic about the program after experiencing the other participants’ presentations and witnessing the internal changes in my motivation and thinking.

-Lifestyle Coach in Washington


DTTAC Lifestyle Coach Training was great. I came thinking I knew what I needed to know to teach the National Diabetes Prevention Program and left with a new wealth of knowledge on group facilitation, a new respect for the strength of the research base of the program, and a renewed enthusiasm for getting a program going at home.

-Lifestyle Coach from Colorado