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Common Ground is an online learning community for Lifestyle Coaches who are delivering an evidence-based lifestyle change program as part of the CDC-led National Diabetes Prevention Program



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This video from CDC will introduce you to the National Diabetes Prevention Program. Learn more about the National DPP, Common Ground, and Lifestyle Coach Training under the ABOUT section of this site.

About the Community

The Common Ground Community is a space for Lifestyle Coaches to learn, connect, and work together with other Lifestyle Coaches who are delivering lifestyle change programs that are proven to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.  The Common Ground Community provides Lifestyle Coaches with helpful resources, tips for delivering the program, and opportunities to ask questions of other Lifestyle Coaches around the country.

Who Can Join the Community

The Common Ground Community is designed specifically for Lifestyle Coaches who are delivering an evidence-based lifestyle change program recognized by the CDC as part of the National Diabetes Prevention Program. 

If you are a Lifestyle Coach with an organization that has received pending recognition from CDC, we welcome you to JOIN the community! 

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Click here to learn more about Common Ground and the CDC-led National Diabetes Prevention Program.

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Common Ground is a place for Lifestyle Coaches to ask questions, exchange ideas, and access resources for the National DPP. Join Now if you are a Lifestyle Coach, or Sign In if you are already a member!

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Featured Member

Featured Member

Larita Webb Taylor
DTTAC Master Trainer

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DTTAC Lifestyle Coach Training was great. I came thinking I knew what I needed to know to teach the National Diabetes Prevention Program and left with a new wealth of knowledge on group facilitation, a new respect for the strength of the research base of the program, and a renewed enthusiasm for getting a program going at home.

-Lifestyle Coach from Colorado


On the ground

On the Ground

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    Data Tracking Resources

    Lifestyle Coaches share resources for tracking participant data for DPRP.

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    Motivating Participants

    A Lifestyle Coach shares ideas for motiviating participants using motivation boards and weight loss jars.

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  • Diabetes Prevention on NPR

    DTTAC Lifestyle Training Director Sarah Piper was interviewed on NPR about diabetes prevention efforts. Check it out!

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